Chamberlin Hill Intermediate School Improvements

Chamberlin Hill Intermediate School
600 West Yates

Student Population – 337 students
Grades 3-5

Building was built in 1969
Building Square footage – 31,645
Site is located on 11.29 Acres

Recent Building Improvements:


Improvement     Category       Year
Lighting up-grade Energy 2005
Carpet replacement Learning Enhancement 2005/06
Concrete replacement Safety 2006-08
Wall mount lockable lunch tables Safety 2006
Fire alarm Upgrade Safety 2006
Public Address System replacement Safety 2006
Clock system replacement Building Integrity 2006
Asphalt replacement Building Integrity/Safety 2006
Playground Surfacing up-grade Safety 2006
Electrical panel upgrade Building Integrity 2007
Masonry Tuck-Point Building Integrity 2007
Student Desks/Chairs Learning Enhancement 2007/08
Window and Door replacement Building Integrity/Energy/Safety 2008
Asphalt upgrade Safety 2009
Door replacement ADA Compliance 2009
Smart Board Installation Learning Environment Technology 2009
Asphalt Replacement Building Integrity/Safety 2010
Security Entrance and Cameras Security/Safety 2013
Lighting Upgrades (LED) Energy Savings 2015
Modular Classrooms Learning Enviornment 2015
Concrete Replacement Safety 2015
Boiler Replacement Energy Savings 2015
HVAC Controls Building Integrity/Energy 2016
Air Condition Classrooms Learning Enhancement 2016
Concrete Replacement Safety 2017
Building Re-key Security 2018
Concrete Replacement Safety 2018
Playground Fencing Facility Enhancement 2018
Gym Ceiling Repair Building Integrity 2018