Jacobs Primary School
Jacobs Ave. 

Student Population – 238 students
Grades K-3

Building was built in 1957/61
Building Square footage – 31,644
Site is located on 10.6 Acres

Recent Building Improvements: 

Improvement     Category       Year
Lighting Upgrade Energy 2005
Ceiling Improvement Energy 2005
Concrete Replacement Safety 2005
Fire alarm Upgrade Safety 2005
Public Address System Replacement Safety 2005
Roof/Gutter Replacement Building Integrity/Energy 2005
Clock System Replacement Building Integrity 2006
Asphalt Replacement Building Integrity/Safety 2005
Masonry Tuck-Point Building Integrity 2005
Installation of Sound Panels in Gym Learning Enhancement 2006
Toilet Partition Replacement Building Integrity 2006
Wall Mount Lockable Lunch Tables Safety 2006
Carpet Replacement Learning Enhancement 2007
Relocation of Mobile Classroom Learning Enhancement 2007
Student Desks/Chairs Learning Enhancement 2007/08
Playground Surfacing Upgrade Safety 2008
Asbestos Abatement/Flooring Building Integrity/Safety 2008
Smart Board Installation Learning Environment Technology 2009
Masonry Tuck-point Building Integrity 2009
Playground Surfacing Safety 2013
Office Addition 2014
Security Entrance/Cameras Security/Safety 2014
Asphalt Improvements Facility Enhancement 2014
Lighting Upgrades (LED) Energy Savings 2015
Boiler Replacement Energy Savings 2016
HVAC Controls Building Integrity/Energy 2016
Security Cameras Security 2017
Playground Fencing Facility Enhancement/Safety 2019
Concrete Replacement Safety 2019
Asphalt Replacement Facility Enhancement 2019