TIC (October, 2019) The following information was gathered to provide guidance to classified and certified staff when there is concern for a student. When a report to CPS is made, also inform your school counselor and administrator of the report. 
Report Child Abuse and Neglect 855 O-H-CHILD
Ohioans who suspect child abuse or neglect now only need to remember one phone number.
The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has launched 855-O-H-CHILD (855-642-4453), an automated telephone directory that will link callers directly to a child welfare or law enforcement office in their county.  Hancock County Children’s Protective Services “ON-CALL” After Hours Protocol
Will the information be kept confidential? All reports of suspected child abuse and neglect made through the 855-OH-CHILD hotline, law enforcement agencies or PCSAs are confidential. The report can be made anonymously if the reporter desires. Ohio’s Central Registry on Child Abuse and Neglect is a confidential database that contains reports of alleged child abuse and neglect and information on the parties involved. Those involved in a child abuse or neglect report include the alleged perpetrator, the alleged child victim, the child’s caretaker, and other children and adults named in the report. Under the Ohio Privacy Act, any individual whose name is contained in a database of confidential, personal information maintained by a government agency may request and receive information about the status of his or her name in that database.
What information do I need to make a report?
  1. The name and address of the child you suspect is being abused or neglected
  2. The age of the child
  3. The name and address of the parents or caretakers
  4. The name of the person you suspect is abusing or neglecting the child and the address if available
  5. The reason you suspect the child is being abuse and neglected
  6. Any other information which may be helpful to the investigation
  7. You have the option of giving your name or reporting anonymously. Giving your name can help the investigator clarify information. The agency will not give your name to the person suspected of abusing the child.
Please Note: All of the above information is not needed to make a report. If you are not sure you have enough information to report, always err on the safety of the child. Children services screens all reports to determine if there is enough information to investigate.
What happens after a report is made? 
In Ohio, after a report is made,
  1. A child protective services investigator will interview the child, family members & others as deemed appropriate.
  2. The investigator determines if the child is being abused or is at risk for abuse.
  3. The case may be referred to local social service agencies, or to juvenile, family or criminal court.
What is a mandated reporter?
School authorities, employees and teachers are mandated reporters.  A mandated reporter is someone required by law to report if they suspect or know that child abuse if occurring.  Employees must report suspected or known abuse to CPS in addition to an administrator and/school counselor. An administrator or counselor may be available to support you as when you call CPS. 
This information was amended from the following websites:  https://jfs.ohio.gov/ocf/reportchildabuseandneglect.stm 
Important points to remember when making a report to Hancock County CPS. 
  • Do not leave a report on voicemail as technology can be faulty. In order to meet mandated reporter requirements, the reporter needs to make sure that the information is given to a person.
  • In addition to calling The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services 855-O-H-CHILD (855-642-4453) number, FCS staff may call the Hancock County main agency phone number at  419-424-7022, then push option 5 and 2 to get to CPS. If you get the voicemail of the intake worker and you can’t leave a message asking for a call back, please call the main # again and ask to speak to an intake worker and not be transferred.  Also, another option is to contact a supervisor when calling the main agency or refer to the attached list of supervisor contact information. 
  • If you would like CPS to provide FCS staff training on reporting to CPS, contact the agency. 
The following is a template of requested information when reporting to Hancock County CPS. Please do not just send an email report unless you’ve already talked to the intake worker.  It is not necessary to provide all the requested information. 
Other Adults:    
Other Adults: 
Custodial Parent/Guardian:    
Child Primarily lives with:   
Alternative contact person: 
Who is the alleged child victim (ACV): 
Other Children in the home:    
Who is the alleged perpetrator (AP):    
What access does the AP have to the ACV:    
ACV’s Special needs/delays:   
Any mental health issues:  
Substance abuse issues:     
Anyone in counseling or other type of services:    
Did the ACV need Medical TX:   
Police report made:  
Any hazards in the home i.e. vicious dogs, guns, weapons:     
Any physical injuries to the ACV today (describe):    
Did the incident take place in front of the child(ren):    
Is the child currently safe (where are they at):  
History of DV:     
How are you aware of these things:   
When was the last time you saw the child: 
Are the child’s basic needs being met i.e. food, clothing, shelter:    
Narrative of any other CA/N concerns: