I love all the amazing and enriching educational opportunities that Findlay City Schools provides for children. I have nothing but gratitude and positive experiences from my children’s involvement with Findlay City Schools. The teachers, aids, Speech Therapists, and Occupational Therapists that have had the opportunity to work with my children are excellent educators that help shape confident future leaders. They always provide creative ways to educate children that always exceed my expectations; be it through sensory dynamics, role play, cooking, gardening, art, and all STEM activities. They always make learning a fun experience.

I have had the privilege to mentor first graders in reading, through one of Findlay City Schools many educational resource opportunities for children, and I love seeing children blossom into the best of themselves when learning new things and seeing them grow in their love for reading. I see how confident they are in themselves when you encourage them and acknowledge that they are doing great and working hard. I really like how the teachers are so devoted to educating that they make sure that no child gets left behind and each child always receives all the right resources to be able to learn and grow into amazing leaders.

~ Priscilla Cruz-Gonzalez