We started our family in Findlay City Schools back in 2009 when our oldest daughter, Alli, started kindergarten. Two years later, our son, Sam, started kindergarten. We fell in love with the school system! In 2015 we built a new home; still in Findlay, OH, but out of the FCS district. There was no question, however, WE WOULD OPEN ENROLL! Keeping our kids in FCS was so important to us. Just this past fall, we welcomed our newest addition to the family, our son, Roger, who we adopted from Africa.
Over a decade later, we continue to marvel at all FCS offers our children! They have captivated us with amazing teachers, extra-curricular activities, incredible support staff, coaches, buildings, equipment, elaborate curriculum, endless opportunities, and now with our youngest child, Roger, we have learned how outstanding the ESL program is at FCS as well.
We are incredibly proud of our children, and FCS has played such a big part in building their character and helping them to be the best they can be! Thank you to FCS for all you’ve done and all you continue to do for our children!
~ The Ernst family; Charlie, Belinda, Alli, Sam and Roger