The third FCS Cares, Trauma-Informed Care inspired SHOUT-OUT, goes to Mrs. Rodriguez at Findlay High School!

Mrs. Rodriguez is a 1:1 aide AND translator for one of our high school students who is  identified with special needs. Spanish is his primary language. During the shutdown due to Covid-19, Mrs. Rodriguez has been in touch frequently with her student and his mother to help him with his work and to make it accessible to him.  Because of this, he is able to complete and turn in his assignments and is successful in his classes!
Mrs. Rodriguez has worked diligently with FCS teacher(s) to learn to use technology that has helped her connect with her student in many ways.  During the shutdown, there was a scheduled IEP meeting.  To help the student and his family, Mrs. Rodriguez translated the parent questionnaire into Spanish, sent it to the student’s mom, and then translated the parents’ responses back into English for the teacher so that the parent’s information could be added to the IEP.
Mrs. Rodriguez spent a considerable amount of time on a Saturday, to accommodate the parent’s work schedule,  going through the draft IEP with the parent. During the IEP meeting, Mrs. Rodriguez assisted the IEP team in getting the student and parent connected via video conference by talking them through how to join the Google Hangout meeting.  She translated so the parent could actively participate and made sure the parent understood what was happening. Mrs. Rodriguez even helped the teacher explain how to do electronic signatures for the IEP so that the parent and student could sign digitally!  Mom requested a copy of the IEP written in Spanish. Again, Mrs. Rodriguez was up for the task and will be translating the IEP to Spanish for the parent!
As we move forward through our shutdown, Mrs. Rodriguez continues to be a shining beacon, by helping in any way that she can!  This is a great example of the types of support our aides provide to our students. A shout-out also goes to the teacher who graciously helped write the shout-out…. You know who you are:)