The fifth FCS Cares, Trauma-Informed Care inspired SHOUT-OUT, goes to Mr. Troy Roth and Mrs. Krista Miller. 

Mr. Roth and Mrs. Miller are leading the district with transparency and heart as they navigate difficult circumstances during a pandemic and financial difficulties. Mr. Roth has been working tirelessly to make the best decisions for the proper restart of school, getting advice from the Governor’s office, the Ohio Department of Education, and the local health department.  Mr. Roth’s calendar has been full from early morning until late evening since schools were closed in March.  Troy has often spoken about making the best decisions for staff and students with safety in mind.  

Mr. Roth also mentored his new assistant superintendent, Mrs. Krista Miller.  Mrs. Miller was not supposed to begin her new position until August 1; however, she started working in her new position in June and July.  Mr. Roth and Mrs. Miller worked tirelessly, even during weekends, to collaborate on safe restart options for the district. 

 Although they are in the first few months of a new leadership position, they are doing an incredible job of achieving the 5 practices of exemplary leadership. 

The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner

  1. Modeling the Way

  1. Inspiring a Shared Vision

  2. Challenging the Process

  3. Enabling Others to Act

  4. Encouraging the Heart