FCS Cares Shout-Out!

November 2020

The seventh FCS Cares, Trauma-Informed Care inspired SHOUT-OUT, goes to Diana Wiseley!

Diana has been going the extra mile to engage her students (in several languages) and to ensure parents are involved and knowledgeable when it comes to online learning. She has helped students with work from all of their classes and continues to provide community and social services to the families she works with.  Now, in the age of COVID and online learning, she is working with students and families across many grade levels and has maintained her smile and her kindness. She has helped families use technology effectively to learn and to transition into a more traditional learning environment if that is more appropriate for that family. She does all of this with strength and compassion.

Thank you Diana, for helping keep your students and their families engaged with learning during this difficult and confusing time!