The eighth FCS Cares, Trauma-Informed Care inspired SHOUT-OUT, goes to Tony Ricker! 

The Chamberlin Hill Sunshine Committee would like to nominate Tony Ricker, our night time custodian, for a shout out. Even being the night time custodian and not being at the building all day, he takes time to connect with our staff with a sincere attitude.  One of the committee members wrote,” Personally, I have been in my classroom after a long day and he asks how my day was, how were the kids, and encourages me when I didn’t have a great day.” He is hard working, dedicated, and loves his job! Countless times we have seen him go out of his way to ensure our classrooms and common areas are clean. And not just your typical clean, but above and beyond clean! For example, he makes a note to clean the faucet handles and tile floors in our rooms, checking to be sure our hand sanitizer is full, and even when we apologize for having used glitter which is all over the floor, he laughs it off and states kids are supposed to have fun.

He makes us feel like we can go to him for anything and often asks if there are additional things we need. He has a positive attitude even when doing the “dirty work” in the building and shows patience when he is requested to come assist in one of our special education classrooms, all while making sure to do his job with a smile.  Thank you Tony for inspiring all of us with your care and positive attitude!