FCS Cares Shout-Out!

August 2021

The 14th FCS Cares, Trauma-Informed Care inspired SHOUT-OUT goes to Mr. Paul Hauenstein at Chamberlin Hill!

Mr. Paul Hauenstein is a Chamberlin Hill’s custodian.  He LOVES the students with Autism and multiple disabilities.  He is often a reward for some of them to go visit him.  

Every morning last year Mr. Paul waited out front to get a hug from a student who was especially motivated by him! This particular TIC Shout-Out moment occurred last spring.  Mr. Paul noticed a different student struggling to come inside at drop off and was quick to pop in and ask if he wanted him to walk him to his classroom. The student was extremely motivated and stood up to walk to his classroom with Mr. Paul. 

Mr. Paul came in later to ask what time the student typically comes in the morning and that he would try to wait up front for him at drop off to see if he could be a little extra motivation to help the student walk to his classroom nicely.  Thank you Mr. Paul for your kindness!  Every little smile and caring gesture truly matters!