FCS Cares Shout-Out!

September 2021

The 15th FCS Cares, Trauma-Informed Care inspired SHOUT-OUT goes to Mrs. Melissa Gephart at Findlay High School!

The 15th FCS Cares Shout Out goes to Mrs. Melissa Gephart, a paraprofessional at Findlay High School.  There was an unfortunate event in which the school cafeteria had to dispose of lettuce which had gone unexpectedly bad.  The student she supports is on a strict prescriptive dietary plan due to a medical condition which requires careful monitoring for calories and nutrition.  Because this student is on such a restrictive diet any change in daily anticipated meals  is significant.  The parents had altered the eating plan for the day to include an annual treat of a little fair food that evening; which is a HUGE deal to this student.  

In order to make sure this student had a lunch and got the nutrition they needed, Mrs. Gephart selflessly gave her lunch to the student without a second thought.  She contacted the mother and explained how her lunch was portioned and calculated the nutritional aspects of the sticks of celery and the measured portion of peanut butter.  The mother was extremely grateful not only for the act, but for the ability to calculate this into the day’s nutrition to make an informed decision and not disturb the rest of the day’s plans.  This selfless act was monumental to this student on so many levels.  

Adversity will happen, especially when dealing with students with very specific needs.  It is an honor and privilege to work with someone who is able to identify, problem solve, and address such unique needs on the fly so selflessly.  Like many of our trauma-informed employees, she would never draw attention towards herself because she just sees it as part of her job and duty. Thank you Mrs. Gephart for all you do for your student.