FCS Cares Shout-Out!

December 2021

A huge TIC shout-out goes to Martie Andrews, Wendy Shively, Dave Alvarado and Cheryl Corron for their collaborative effort in caring for a FHS student.

For many students who turn 18 while still in high school, life may take on a whole new set of challenges.  Ongoing support for this particular student started last year when the student became homeless. Dave acted as a liaison by helping the student collect belongings as he/she moved into temporary housing.  Wendy supported the student in the ER because the student didn’t have family support.  Cheryl helped the student find work.  Staff took up a collection to help the student buy groceries.

A wrap-around team was created and held meetings at the end of the school year and over the summer, in a collaborative effort to assist the student in all aspects of life, with the goal of helping the student graduate from high school.

When a new school year starts, students likely have new teachers, who may or may not know what each student needs to be successful, or what they are going through in their personal life.  As a result of team-work and extensive communication, this student’s transition to a new teacher was seamless!    Recently, Martie coordinated a collection for Christmas gifts, money and food to help lift the spirits of this student.

It can not be said loud enough, or often enough….Develop trusting and respectful relationships with students and give unconditional compassion, because it matters! It has been a group effort with Martie, Wendy, Dave and Cheryl, along with the daily support of staff and friends, to help this student through the holidays and the school year.  Thank you for all you do for our students!

FCS Cares December 2021