TIC March 2022 - HeartFocus on self-compassion over self-improvement.

As you set goals and make plans, remember to also cut yourself some slack when encountering life’s inevitable bumps and slip-ups. Self-compassion is about being inwardly understanding, encouraging and kind in the face of setbacks–a reaction we commonly extend to friends and family members but can forget when it comes to ourselves. Research even shows that self-compassion can enhance performance and professional growth and has a direct correlation with high self-esteem. When you’re kind to yourself, you’re more likely to succeed.

TIC March 2022 StopSet (and keep) your boundaries.

Boundaries are an important aspect of protecting emotional well-being. When boundaries are respected, it allows people to feel safe, comfortable and respected. This is why they’re so crucial to maintaining healthy relationships, and for improving and strengthening the relationships that mean the most to us. Setting boundaries and sticking to them can also help remind us of our values and goals, and help us prioritize the things that bring true fulfillment.

The Tip of the Month was modified from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care: https://www.harvardpilgrim.org/hapiguide/4-mental-health-tips-for-creating-an-even-better-2022/