The April Tip of the Month is a follow-up to the March Tip of the Month, which focused on self-compassion over self-improvement, and setting and keeping boundaries.  When we prioritize our personal well-being and mental health, we can become our best selves.  When we are our best selves, we are better equipped to help our students, colleagues, and families.  

Hand holding a heart
Practice forgiveness.

Hanging on to strong, negative feelings–anger, resentment, disappointment–can be a heavy weight to carry. So heavy that it can lead to chronic depression, anxiety and stress. Letting go of ill feelings and making room for understanding, compassion and empathy can help bring peace of mind and allow you to move forward in a healthier headspace. In many situations, however, forgiveness can be a complicated process and easier said than done. Journaling, talking with a loved one or even speaking with a therapist can help you work toward moving forward.

Conversation bubbles with a heart
Ask for help.

Sometimes seeking the help of others, and knowing when and how to ask can be daunting. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed or anxious, remember to speak up and lean on those around you–family, friends, colleagues. If asking for help is a source of discomfort and you’re not sure how to get the help you need, keep in mind that there are health professionals and support options available.


The Tip of the Month was modified from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care: