The 22nd FCS Cares, Trauma-Informed Care, Shout-Out goes to…..Nichole Conley at FHS

The photo of Nichole and Jonatan Gonzalez (a 2022 FHS Grad) was taken before the graduation ceremony, as they were preparing to walk the graduates into the Koehler Center. She was checking with the counselors, and Jonatan and one of his good friends were hanging out by one of the student check-in tables.  When Nichole saw Jonatan, she got a huge smile on her face and said something like “Congrats, Buddy!!  Oh my gosh…you made it to graduation!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!” She gave him a huge hug. He was smiling from ear to ear after that exchange with Nichole!

After the picture below was sent to Nichole, she shared the backstory of her relationship with this young man.  ” Thank you for capturing one of the moments I will always treasure as a custodian. This is what I love about my job. I took this fella to clothe a child at Whittier, stayed after work to help him with his colors, numbers, and read to him. He will always be special to me. I was able to start school with him and help him grades k-2 and finished with him 9–12. He may not be one of the top students of his class but to me he is one of the top of his class. He had to work for his diploma and is proud of himself for getting there!! I am proud of him and beyond thankful to have this photo.”  The student gave his approval for us to share his story.

You may never know a student’s story.  TIC is about providing care to ALL students, because a majority have “something” going on.  THIS is why we DO what we DO! We do what we do to help ALL of our students get to the finish line and beyond.  Think about all of the teachers, counselors, principals, food service, aides, interpreters, secretaries, custodians, bus drivers, related service providers, etc., who encouraged and educated our graduates along the way. As you start the school year, remember….

  • Smiles Matter
  • Encouraging Words Matter
  • Respect Matters
  • Enthusiasm Matters
  • Positive Feedback Matters
  • Opportunities for Success Matters

YOU Matter!

FCS Cares 8-2022