Time for a Brain Break!

Educator Strategies for the Classroom: Stress, Trauma, and the Brain.

Do you want to learn about a few easy-to-implement educator strategies to address challenging behaviors in the classroom and impact students’ social, emotional and academic functioning?

Dr. Bruce Perry is a psychiatrist, researcher in children’s mental health and neurosciences, a professor, and an author of several books. In the 7:24 minute PBS video (click on the link below), Dr. Perry shares his thoughts about when a reward and consequence contingency program is effective in addressing behaviors. He recommends using a collaborative problem solving model, including the 3 R’s (regulate, relate and reason), when students are dysregulated. He is an advocate of incorporating movement and creativity, getting students outside, less “traditional” testing, and for thinking out-side the box on how instruction is provided. Check it out!

Source Website Link: https://wgte.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/educator-strategies-for-the-classroom-video/stress-trauma-and-the-brain-insights-for-educators-thinktv-cet/

TIC 2-2023