Findlay City Schools is located in the heart of Hancock County and is an excellent public school system. Serving a growing cultural and economically diverse population the Findlay City Schools encompasses approximately 37 square miles. Presently, the district is comprised of one high school, one career center, two middle schools, three primary buildings (K-2) and three intermediate buildings (3-5) building, one preschool building, and the Trojan Academy serving over 5,500 students. The Findlay Trojan tradition of excellence in academics, athletics, and all extracurricular activities are based on collaboration between our students, staff, administrators, parents and community who take great interest in our students. The well-qualified and caring staff is committed to creating an outstanding learning environment and a culture for excellence that supports and encourages our students and staff in their academic, extra-curricular and personal growth.

Findlay City Schools considers “facilitating student achievement” in a safe and caring environment as one of our top priorities (Strategic Plan – Strategy I & II). In many of our core subject areas, the district is using the Ohio Department of Education academic content standards which ensures the written curriculum, classroom instruction, and assessments of all learning to match in an alignment in which research suggests makes a powerful achievement tool for our students.

The Findlay community has been awarded “The 100 Best Communities Award” for children for the past four years and Findlay City Schools is a major factor in attaining that award. Working closely with the Community Foundation and many other community agencies Findlay City Schools continues to offer programs that help nurture the whole child including service learning, guidance, wellness, award winning music programs, nationally recognized journalism, fine arts courses, intramural and competitive sports, and provide continued special services for special needs and gifted students. We also believe that promoting character is important as part of our student’s experience at Findlay. The nine virtues are focused on one inspirational word of the month and are created to support our community’s shared values.

Commitment to Equity – Findlay City Schools – #TrojanTrue Together

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2022-2023 School Year – First Semester Number of Bullying Incidents:
Elementary – 2
Middle Schools – 3
High School – 3