Frequently Asked Questions for Building Restructuring

The school district is recommending the closing of Lincoln Elementary and repurposing Jacobs Primary, beginning in the 2021-2022 school year. 

What will happen to the school buildings?

  • Lincoln Elementary will be sold as there is not a need to maintain the building. 
  • Jacobs will no longer remain a K-3 Elementary building, but the future of the building is still being determined. 

What will happen to the teachers and staff from the buildings being closed?

  • Teachers will be placed in different buildings throughout the district.  The district will make certain that there are anchor staff members in order to ensure students have familiar faces when they begin their new journey. 

Where will all the students go?

  • The district will communicate with families as to where their child will attend school.  There will be opportunities for families to interact with their new school prior to the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

Will the classrooms at the other schools be overly full?

  • No.  Average class sizes will increase by two at the Kdg-3rd grade level and the 4th-5th grade levels. This is consistent with the 5 year fiscal forecast but not a huge increase in class size.     

How will bus routes work adding the students who live close to the schools and walk now, but will need school transportation. 

  • Transportation is hard at work to develop the new bus routes and that will be communicated as soon as the routes are finalized. 
  • To be bus eligible for 2021-2022 elementary students must live outside of one mile from their designated school. Middle school and high school students must live at least two miles from their school. This is an increase from .75 for elementary students and from 1.5 miles for middle school students. 

What else is getting cut?

  • We are sharing all changes as the plans are developed.  Currently, we have communicated all of the changes that are planned to take place. 

An email that was stated the changes will happen in the 2021-2022 elementary building consolidation, I would assume this starts as of the next school year?

  • That is correct. These changes will take place next year.  A great deal of communication will continue to take place so everyone is clear and feels knowledgeable about the changes. 

30 plus kids in a classroom?

  • No.  Kindergarten-3rd grade will have an average of 24 students and grades 4th-5th will have an average of 26 students. 

Does this mean there is going to be two teachers per classroom since the class sizes are going to be bigger?  Some kids need extra attention. 

  • The class sizes will not be large enough to dictate the need for two teachers.  If extra attention is needed, the school will make certain to work with that child and family to foster success.