FCS District Wellness Committee

Wellness Program Mission Statement

The Findlay City School District is committed to providing a school environment that promotes and protects children’s health, well-being and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating, physical activity and wellness education.

District Wellness Policy & Program

Findlay City Schools - District Wellness Committee

Wellness Leader Name Email Address
Cassidy Hansard chansard@fcs.org
  Kelly Wohlgamuth kwohlgamuth@fcs.org
Jefferson Primary Kelsey Rodriquez krodriguez@fcs.org
Whittier Primary
Britt Holub bholub@fcs.org
Northview Primary
Molly Topping mtopping@fcs.org
Bigelow Hill Intermediate
Candace Bundren cbundren@fcs.org
Chamberlin Hill Intermediate
Jayson Schube jschube@fcs.org
Wilson Vance Intermediate
Alaine Emans aemans@fcs.org
  Kara Ross kross@fcs.org
Donnell Middle School
Gina Allen gallen@fcs.org
Glenwood Middle School
Sarah Pridemore spridemore@fcs.org
Findlay High School
Mike Leddy mleddy@fcs.org
Findlay Learning Center
Heather Coy hcoy@fcs.org 
Millstream Career Center
Mark Gleason mgleason@fcs.org
Bus Drivers
Administrative Office
Meagan Brown mbrown@fcs.org