FCS Financials

29 Consecutive Years of Clean Audits and CAFR Certificates of Excellence


July 2020 – Mike Barnhart receives Auditor of State Award with Distinction presented to him by Lori Brodie. It is our 29th consecutive year of clean audits from which we receive Certificates of Excellence from GFOA and ASBO.

Mike Barnhart

March 2019 – Auditor of State Award with Distinction! Auditor of State Rep Lori Brodie presents the award to Treasurer Mike Barnhart. The 2018 CAFR is the 28th consecutive clean audit for FCS.

Mike Barnhart

March 2018 – Treasurer Mike Barnhart receives the Auditor of State Award with Distinction as presented by Alexander Jones. The 2017 CAFR is the 27th consecutive year of clean audits for FCS.

Financial Reports

Independent Auditor Report can be found on page F1 for all of the above Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.

Findlay Schools receive Findlay Schools receive ASBO Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting (see ASBO Press Release)

Findlay Schools receive GFOA Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (see GFOA Press Release)

Findlay Schools receive Auditor of State Award with Distinction (see the Auditor’s Press Release)

Findlay’s bond rating is A1 (see Moody’s Credit Opinion)

School District Tax ID Number: 3204

Glossary of School Finance Terms

Any study of school finance can be confusing because of the enormous number of technical terms used in describing the process. (glossary provided thanks to the Ohio School Boards Association).

School Funding Formula

View and select criteria to see the state funding formula for each school district including Findlay’s.

School Funding Formula Line by Line

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