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my plateThe Food Service Department employs 46 team members consisting of cooks, servers, dishwasher, cashiers and delivery drivers. Our Department has Professional Development consisting of over 275 accumulative hours annually. We are members of the community who follow all Health Department Rules and Regulations with sincerity. Cheerful attitudes are the most important ingredient to our daily successes!

Our goal is to help your child have a healthy and successful school year.

  • Good Nutrition is important for students to achieve
  • Teaching Nutrition creates lifelong healthy habits
  • We maintain high standards and expectations
  • Students receive encouragement and recognition for positive involvement

The Food Service Department serves an average of 2500 meals daily. The meals served are prepared by a caring and knowledgeable staff that follows state guidelines to ensure that your child receives a safe and nutritious meal. The Findlay City School District participates in the National School Lunch Program. This program sets guidelines from the USDA for the school lunch and breakfast meal patterns which we follow each day. Our “Offer vs Serve” meals are created from menus based on USDA age-appropriate guidelines to ensure nutritional balance and promote healthy lifestyle choices.

Triennial Assessment – June, 2021


**If you have not filled out an application for meals and school fees, you may qualify for some assistance.

Printable Calendars: Elementary Menu | Middle School Menu | High School Menu

Meal Prices 22-23

Breakfast: K-12 $2.00
Lunch PK-5 $3.00
Lunch 6-12 $3.25


The National School Lunch Program are available to all families.

Completed applications are all processed at the Food Service Office at 1200 Broad Ave., Findlay, Ohio.

Mail to the above address, or send them to school with your student in an envelope marked “Food Service” and it will get forwarded to the Food Service Office.

You will receive notification at the completion of the process.  Until you receive a letter of approval or denial, please send money or pack a meal for your student.


Parents can use the EZPay system to check lunch balances, view transactions, add funds for their student/s meals, and pay school fees.

There is completely no charge to setup an account and you can set it up directly with the EZPay Company.


Findlay City Schools has a “No Charge” policy in all of our cafeterias.  If students have no funds to purchase lunch, they will be offered a “privilege meal” which consists of a sandwich and milk at no charge. This is limited to three occurrences in a quarter.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Director of Food Services.

Meal Charge Policy


We are focused on the health of our school environment. Our school district has established nutrition standards for all snacks sold in school by any entity, including parent/student organizations, teachers, boosters, fundraisers, or the food and nutrition services department. These standards for snack sales are in effect from any time before school through 1/2 hour after school, in accordance with the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, the USDA and our district Wellness Policy. Non-compliant foods may be sold from 1/2 hour after school through midnight. These standards carefully balance science-based nutrition guidelines with practical and flexible solutions to promote healthier eating on campus.


Is Your Snack a Smart Snack? Use the Smart Snacks Product Calculator, developed by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, to take the guesswork out of nutrition guidelines! Simply enter the product information, answer a few questions and determine whether your snack, side or entree item meets the new USDA Smart Snacks in School Guidelines. https://foodplanner.healthiergeneration.org/calculator/

Kids often need snacks to help them get enough calories (ENERGY) throughout the day. Choosing healthy snacks that add nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, to their diets is essential. Smart snacking is a great way to meet daily nutrient requirements that may be missed at meal times.

Students in our district are offered healthier school meals with more fruits, vegetables and whole grains through the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program. The Smart Snacks in School standards published by the USDA will build on those healthy advancements by ensuring that all other snack foods and beverages available for sale to students in school are tasty and nutritious.