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If your student is absent or needs to leave early, please send them with a note to Mrs. Spiceland in the main office. There are three (3) ways to report (you only need to use one):

  • Phone, with the toll free number, 1-844-305-3755
  • Web,
  • App for a smart phone, SchoolMessenger (with the same icon as above, but in light blue

All absences must be reported using this toll free number or online.  Please continue to follow the absences with a note within 2 days of the student returning to school.   When sending in absence notes for your student, you must give a reason so that we may determine if the absence is excusable.  When out for a “family emergency”, “appointment”, or “with parent” there needs to be clarification. If no explanation is given, we have no choice but to make the absence unexcused.  We are audited by the state, so clarifications are essential. The rules are for your protection as well as the schools if there is ever a question on why your child was not in school.


Arrivals / Departures: Parents please remember that drop off and pick up for students is in the back (East side) of the building. The front is for busses only. Our students’ safety is our top priority – please DO NOT drop off or pick up your student in the front of the  building where the busses are.  Thank you!

Student Safety: For the safety of our students and staff all visitors to Glenwood will be questioned as to their reasons for being in the building prior to being allowed into the office.  Please remind your students to be prepared for school before leaving the house to avoid unnecessary interruptions during the day.