Brand Guidelines

Our Brand

By applying standards to how Findlay City Schools is presented to the public, we enhance both our recognition and our association with a high-quality education through visual repetition. As you review these standards, know that they were written to hold the Findlay City Schools brand in the same regard as the brands of major corporations, sports teams, and universities. Findlay City Schools is an integral part of the community with the most sacred of missions: to deliver high-quality education. 

A brand is more than a logo.  It is the “voice” that we use to tell the story of the Findlay City Schools.  The brand is the cohesiveness that tells the story.  The guidelines are tools we use so that we act, look, speak as one unified school district.  We are #TrojanTrue.

By reviewing and abiding by these standards, you’ll help to protect and nurture our new brand, and help us tell the community that at Findlay City Schools, students always come first.

Trojan Meaning: The definition of a Trojan is a person who is a hardworking individual. Brave. Determined. 

FCS Logo


Colors of Blue: The meaning of blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth. 

Colors of Gold: The meaning of gold symbolizes success, achievement, and triumph.

Trojan Blue Color
Pantone 2370C
HEX #2c3b98
RGB (44,59,152)
CMYK (71,61,0,40)
Trojan Gold Color
Pantone 109C
HEX #ffd202
RGB (255,210,2)
CMYK (0,18,99,0)


Findlay City Schools Font: Poppins

Logo Basics

Trojan Heads:  Trojan Direction: Trojan head can face either direction (left-facing/right-facing) – based on the project.  Trojan Colors: Blue, Gold, or Combination of Blue/Gold – based on the project.  

Trojan Head Examples

Trojan F:  Trojan F Colors: Trojan Colors: Blue “F” & Gold Trojan head or Gold “F” & Blue Trojan head – based on project.  

Trojan F Examples

Trojan Logo:  Gold/Blue circle – Findlay City Schools at the top of the Circle with #TrojanTrue or School Name at Bottom. 

FCS Logo

Tommy Trojan Logo:  No modifications for this logo.

Tommy Trojan

Incorrect Use of Trojan Head Logo:

Example: Spartan Head

Incorrect Use of Trojan Head

Use of Logos Merchandise

Every year, the FCS logo and FCS name are placed on a wide variety of merchandise — apparel, gift items, and sporting goods — found around the community. Adherence to the FCS logo and brand identity is extremely important to the FCS brand. An official FCS logo must appear on all apparel and promotional items (t-shirts, hats, mugs, bags, etc.) The FCS logo must be in compliance with the district’s graphics standards.  

For example, many people often confuse a Spartan and a Trojan logo on branding merchandise.  Please be consistent and use the logos found on this website.

Other School Logos


Stationery & Templates

Business Cards, Alert Message graphic, letterhead, etc. – please login to the Staff Resources page and choose the “Logos & Templates” tab (on the left side)