FCS School Logo Usage

School Logos, Font & Colors


The design of each Findlay City School logo must remain intact.  No alterations, additions or deletions to any part of the logo are permitted without written permission from the district.


The font used for the Findlay City Schools logo is Poppins.


Recognizing there are many shades of blue and gold, the acceptable colors for Findlay City Schools are as follows:

  • Gold (Pantone 109C)
  • Blue (Pantone 2126C)

Approval Process

Please email all requests for images (sizes or types of image files) the request should include:

  •  Applicant’s name, organization, title, and contact information;
  •  Specific logo/name requested;
  •  Purpose (group fundraiser, partnership identification, promotion, school event, etc.);
  •  Medium in which it will be used (on clothing, novelty items, in flyers, publications, etc.);

All logo/name requests for use in publications – including flyers, advertisements, websites, etc. – should be directed to:


School Logos:

Findlay Trojans Donnell Trojans
Glenwood Trojans
Chamberlin Hill Trojans
Wilson Vance Trojans
Bigelow Hill Trojans
Lincoln Trojans Northview Trojans
Findlay Learning Center

W Trojans

Trojan Blue Color
Pantone 2126C
HEX #2c3b98
RGB (44,59,152)
CMYK (71,61,0,40)
Trojan Gold Color
Pantone 109C
HEX #ffd202
RGB (255,210,2)
CMYK (0,18,99,0)

Trojan Heads:  Trojan Direction: Trojan can face either direction (left-facing/right-facing) – based on project.  Trojan Colors: Blue, Gold, or Combination of Blue/Gold – based on project.  


Millstream Adult Education