Millstream’s Intervention Specialist’s contact with students who have disabilities typically begins when they express an interest or apply to one of Millstream’s career-technical programs in the spring of their sophomore year.

The Intervention Specialist meets with each student’s Individualized Educational Planning (IEP) team to discuss the best program placement for the student using formal evaluations and assessment information. All prospective students are referred to the Vocational Career Assessment Program at Millstream for assessment. The testing data and recommendations in that final report are invaluable as we endeavor to link the student with the most appropriate placement.

Once the student is accepted into one of the career-technical programs at Millstream, the Intervention Specialist becomes an integral member of the student’s IEP team. By coordinating the academic and social support services to which the student is entitled, the Intervention Specialist increases the opportunity for the student’s success by making sure all modifications described in the IEP document are made available to the student.

These support services might include (but are not limited to):

  • Assisting students with study techniques, self-monitoring strategies, organizational and behavior management skills
  • Attending IEP/MFE/BIP and other team meetings related to the student’s success at Millstream Career Center
  • Facilitating communication between the student’s other Intervention Specialists, career technical teacher, parents, guidance counselors, Work-Study Coordinator, and school administrators in order to arrange any other support services needed by the student
  • Locating special instructional materials and adaptive apparatus as needed
  • Monitoring the academic and social progress of each student by regularly observing the student in the career-technical lab setting
  • Providing testing and instructional modifications and accommodations as needed

Intervention Specialist Contact Information

Mark Gleason, VOSE Coordinator

Cheryl Corron, VOSE Coordinator