In the Job Training Program (JTC), a student’s abilities, individual skills and interests are matched to specific jobs within the community. Students with Individual Educational Plans are provided instruction and supports so that they can be successful in the workplace. The student will learn work-related skills in a simulated work environment, then progress into an individualized, community-based or employer training experience. Once paired with an employer, the goal is for the student to maintain competitive or supported employment. It is recommended that a student in the Job Training Program has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with a transition plan indicating participation in the JTC Program along with community-based employment as a reasonable outcome.

Millsteam Career Center Job Training Program

Competencies Learned

  • Implement teamwork techniques
  • Discuss productivity and impact on decision-making
  • Identify career interests
  • Implement job search skills
  • Develop an ongoing career plan
  • Describe work-related finances
  • Use computer applications
  • Demonstrate adult daily living skills
  • Promote a safe workplace
  • Explain effective communications
  • Explain the role of customer service
  • Employ problem-solving skills to formulate solutions to problems
Millstream Career Center Job Training Program

Once Job Readiness Criteria is Met

  • Simulated Work Experiences
  • Company Tours
  • Job Shadows
  • Senion Internships

Real world AND simulated workplace experiences will help you build your skills. You will be able to build relationships with real employers who will work with you to gain strong  employability skills. The world of work has many doors with opportunities.

Millstream Career Center Job Training Program