Course Description

Computer Networking and Cybersecurity is a two-year program that helps to prepare students for careers dealing with networking systems analysis, planning and implementation. Students will gain the necessary skill to analyze network system needs for design, installation, maintenance and management of networks. Skills obtained will prepare students to obtain Cisco Networking certification. The primary goal is to provide a seamless transition from high school to work or to a two or four year college program. Computer Networking & Cybersecurity is a College Tech Prep Program – students successfully completing this program may receive Dual-Enrollment credits through Rhodes State College.


Level I ~ Lab 2 credits ~ Academic 1 credit

  • Computing Fundamentals
  • PC Hardware
  • PC Software
  • PC Applications
  • Upgrading of Computer Systems
  • Networking Technologies
  • Operating SystemBasics
  • Linux Operating Systems


Level II ~ Lab 2 credits ~ Academic 1 credit

  • Network Administration
  • Cisco Networking Basics
  • Routing Basics
  • Switching Basics
  • WAN Services
  • Integrated Services Digital Networks
  • Integrated Services Digital Protocols
Ohio College Tech Prep

Courses Which Will Be Helpful

  • Keyboarding or Computer Applications
  • Introduction to Programming
students MCC

Program Completion Incentive

  • Career Passport – with documented skills
  • Cisco Technology Training
  • Articulation and college credits with two- and four-year colleges.
  • Scholarships
  • A+ Certification
Skills USA - Champions At Work

As a Computer Networking & Cybersecurity student, you will be a member of the SkillsUSA organization. SkillsUSA is a student-oriented organization designed to expand your citizenship, leadership, teamwork, and employability skills. As a member, you will be encouraged to participate in competitive events at the local, district, state, and national levels in both leadership and occupational skills.

In addition to SkillsUSA at Millstream Career Center, you may participate in many student activities at your home school such as music, sports, and club activities.

Career Opportunities

  • Network Specialist
  • Network Operations Analyst
  • Communications Analyst
  • Network Analyst
  • Cable Installer
  • Local Area Network Technician
  • Network Administration
  • Network Maintenance and Operations

  • Hardware Support/Maintenance
  • Network Administrator
  • Telecommunications Technician
  • Wide Area Network Technician
  • Customer Service Coordinator
  • Hardware Installations Coordinator
  • Network Technician

Career-Based Opportunities

Students who exhibit knowledge and skills in the Computer Networking & Cybersecurity program may participate in early placement in a related field during the second semester of their senior year.

Salary Information

Nationally, computer networking related jobs offer approximately $39.45 per hour. Salary varies by specialty and experience.

In Ohio, the median wage for computer networking administrators is $36.15 per hour. 

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018