Course Description

Construction Skills is a two-year program designed to prepare students to enter the workforce in the construction trade area. Competencies learned include: concrete, masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Actual skill training is accomplished with well-structured, in-lab experiences along with actual on-the-job instruction. Employability skills required by employers are taught and stressed. Attendance and punctuality are of the utmost importance.

Level I:

Level I ~ Lab 2 credits ~ Related 1 credit

  • House Framing, Finishing
  • Masonry – Block Laying and Concrete Work
  • Electrical – Residential wiring
  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Tool Safety
  • Stair Framing
  • Drywall Hanging and Finishing
  • CAD (Floor Plans)
  • Cabinet Making

Level II:

Level II ~ Lab 2 credits ~ Related 1 credit

  • Rough Carpentry
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Masonry – Structural Concrete
  • Advanced Siding
  • Advanced Roofing
  • Advanced Plumbing
  • Advanced Tool Safety
  • Advanced Stair Framing
  • Advanced Entrepreneurship
  • Advanced CAD (Floor Plans)
  • Advanced Cabinet Making
  • Advanced House Framing and finishing
  • Advanced Drywall Hanging and finishing
  • Advanced Masonry – Block Laying/Concrete Work
  • Advanced Electrical – Residential Wiring

Courses Which Will Be Helpful

Students need not have any prior experience in construction, however, any hands-on construction experience in or out of school provides good experience for this field. Courses that are helpful, but not required, before enrolling in the Construction Skills Technology program are:

  • Blueprint Reading
  • Any Industrial Technology Classes
  • Math Courses

Program Completion Incentives

  • Career Passport – with documented skills
MCC Construction
Skills USA - Champions At Work

As a Construction Skills student, you will be a member of the SkillsUSA organization. SkillsUSA is a student-oriented organization designed to expand your citizenship, leadership, teamwork, and employability skills. As a member, you will be encouraged to participate in competitive events at the local, district, state, and national levels in both leadership and occupational skills.

In addition to SkillsUSA at Millstream Career Center, you may participate in many student activities at your home school such as music, sports, and club activities.

Career Opportunities

Among the positions a student successfully completing this two-year program will be prepared for are:

  • Framing and Finish Carpenter
  • Siding Installer
  • Maintenance Welder
  • Deck Builder
  • Roofer
  • Drywaller
  • Remodeler
  • Electrician

Career-Based Opportunities

Students who exhibit knowledge and skills in the Construction Skills Technology program and meet the requirements for early placement may participate in early placement in a related field during the second semester of their senior year.

Salary Information

Salary varies with the employer’s location and industry. It also varies with the worker’s skills and experience.

Nationally, for construction workers the median wage is $19.40 per hour. Half of all construction workers earn between $17.21 and $31.53 per hour.

In Ohio, the median wage for construction workers is $21.17 per hour.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018