As we return to classes from the Holiday it is crucial for students to regain focus and finish the first semester as strong as possible. The second semester begins January 15th which will allow students time to be rested, refreshed, motivated to learn.  Helping your student(s) manage their time wisely over the next several months goes hand in hand with our Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Put First Things First and Begin With The End In Mind.  These productive habits will help keep your student(s) focused on academic goals and also manage their time in an efficient manner.  This academic stretch from January to April is crucial to a successful year and in learning material imperative for students’ academic success both in the day to day classroom and on grade level end of course exams.

Findlay City Schools will continue to partner with parents/guardians to support all students academically, emotionally, and mentally.  Communicating information that is working well in the classroom, potential obstacles, or areas of concern you have effecting your child’s learning and growth is important to all of us at FCS. Please do not hesitate to contact the building administrator or counselor of your child’s school to have these conversations.

We are blessed to have the opportunity to serve your student(s) and want to do the best we can to provide exceptional educational opportunities to meet the goals you and your student(s) have for their education and their future.


Edward Kurt, Superintendent