The Department of Teaching and Learning supports the mission of providing excellent education and individual attention to all students. We support teachers in the continuous improvement of their knowledge and skills. The department oversees all aspects of the PK-12 curriculum and teacher/administrator professional development. Our goal is to provide resources and a rigorous curriculum that meet students’ individual academic needs and empower graduates for success beyond high school.  In addition, teachers should have the strategies and tools they need to ensure our students achieve academic success. The department works collaboratively with teachers at all levels to facilitate the development and implementation of curriculum aligned with Ohio’s Learning Standards for all academic areas.

Director of Elementary Instruction

Stephanie Renn
(419) 427-5437

Coordinator of PK-2 Special Ed.

Jaclyn Nelson
(419) 425-8245

Administrative Assistant Gifted

Lameice Kenny
(419) 427-5495

Director of Secondary Instruction

Katie Abbott
(419) 427-5437

Director of Special Education

Angela Geiser
(419) 425-8230

Administrative Assistant Curriculum

Susan Saum
(419) 427-5437

Coordinator of Gifted & ESL

Kelly Wohlgamuth
(419) 425-8296

Coordinator of 9-12 Special Ed.

Dr. Kelly Glick
(419) 425-8238

Administrative Assistant Special Ed.

Bev Snyder
(419) 425-8231