The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Program serves intermediate students, grades 3-5. Students are identified in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 3301-51-15 “Operating Standards for Identifying and Serving Gifted Students.” The STEAM curriculum is designed to provide science, technology, engineering, art and math experiences not normally provided in the regular classroom. The tools of learning used in an interdisciplinary setting are emphasized.

Academic Enrichment Clusters is a program for primary and intermediate students. The program involves a Gifted Intervention Specialist or a trained volunteer from the community who works with students in a small cluster (4-6 students) weekly for approximately 40 minutes. The Academic Enrichment Clusters offered are Junior Great Books, which provide reading enrichment (K-5), Primary Enrichment Thinking Skills (PETS), based on Blooms Taxonomy that provides Critical Thinking enrichment (K-3), math enrichment (K-5), and social studies enrichment (grade 5 only). Academic Enrichment Clusters is a pull-out program, risk-free opportunity for students.

Middle School

Because students at the middle school level have gifted and talented ability in specific areas, special programming is offered in math, science and language arts. Advanced math and science classes are offered at each level and identified students attend a two-period language arts block taught by a teacher specially trained to work with gifted students (REACH).

High School

As students reach their high school years, they assume a greater role in determining how their needs are met. Honors and advanced placement courses are available in academic areas and students have many opportunities to excel in the visual and performing arts. In addition to courses offered at Findlay High School, students may participate in the College Credit Plus Program by enrolling free of charge in specific courses at area colleges and universities. An extensive Honors Mentorship Program is also conducted for juniors and seniors so that they can see first-hand what is required of individuals in specific careers. A complete listing of high school courses is available through the FHS web page.

**Please check the Gifted Education Update for a list of all Findlay City Schools’ Gifted Programs