FEP - Findlay Enrichment Programs, Inc.

What is FEP?

  • Findlay Enrichment Programs, Inc. (FEP) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization established in 1988.
  • Members include parents and others concerned with advocating for and supporting educational enrichment programs.
  • FEP works in partnership with the Findlay City Schools and area businesses to encourage, develop, and coordinate a variety of classes, events, and programs held within the schools and community.
  • The governing board is comprised of primary, intermediate, and middle school parents.
  • Parental involvement is welcomed at monthly board meetings at 7:00 p.m.  2019-2020 Meeting dates: Sept. 9, Oct. 14, Nov. 4, Dec. 2, Jan. 13, Feb. 10, March 9, April 6 and May 11.
  • FEP supports the existing FCS programs and the need for further options for all identified students along with talented students not identified by state guidelines.

FEP Sponsored Programs

  • Enrichment Clusters – Grades K-5
    Provides materials for clusters offered to students excelling in critical thinking, reading, social studies, and math (clusters available upon teacher request)
  • Creativity Clubs – Grades 3-5
    Funds purchase of curriculum and supplies for Creativity Clubs available to students identified as creatively gifted
  • Camp Discovery – Grades 1-5
    Science and Technology day camp offered in June to all FCS and St. Michael students for a nominal fee
  • Camp WORLD – Grades K-5
    A multi-cultured day camp offered in June to Findlay City Schools, St. Michael’s, and Hancock County schools for a nominal fee.
  • Teacher Mini-grants – Grades K-8
    $2500 available annually to Findlay City Schools classroom teachers for enrichment material purchases
  • Science Clubs – Grade 5
    Students study space in an after school program.
  • Special Programs (held periodically)
    Family Science Night (annual) – Grades K-6
    Toledo Zoo Outreach – Grades K-3
    COSI on Wheels – Grades 3-5
    Author & Artist Visits – Grades K-8
    Women in STEM Seminar – Grades 7-8
  • Engineering Programs are offered to students excelling in math/science.
    Engineering I and II (grades 3-5);
    Middle School Robotics I & II (grades 6-8);
    High School Robotics I and II (grades 9-12).
    There is a cost for each program.
  • Chinese Classes (grades 3-5)
    Chinese classes are offered on two levels: Beginning & Intermediate to those students identified gifted in reading and language for a nominal fee.
  • Japanese Classes – Grades 3-5
    Japanese class is offered at the beginning level to those students identified gifted in reading and language for a nominal fee.
  • Honors Career Mentorship Program – Student selection is a competitive process based on academic achievement, teacher recommendation, standardized test scores, and self-reported interests and activities.

FEP Volunteer Opportunities

  • Camp Discovery
  • Camp World
  • Creativity Clubs
  • Enrichment Cluster Facilitator
  • Elementary Engineers
  • Family Science Night
  • Outback Fundraiser
  • Teacher Recognition
  • Women in STEM

Did You Know...

  • Enrichment clusters offered for students excelling in critical thinking, reading, math, and social studies are led by community volunteers.  If you would be interested in helping with clusters, please contact: Laura Metz @ lauraometz@icloud.com
  • Creativity Clubs offered to intermediate students identified as creatively gifted are facilitated by parent volunteers.  If you have an interest in becoming involved contact: Kristin Woodhull at 419-425-8332.
  • The Gifted Resource Library located at 2019 Broad Avenue has a wealth of enrichment materials.  Contact: Lameice Kenny at 419-427-5495.
  • Information on Gifted Issues is available on line at www.ode.state.oh.us by clicking on Topics:  Disabilities/Gifted.
  • FEP is an affiliate member of the Ohio Association for Gifted Children www.oagc.com.

FEP Mission Statement

Findlay Enrichment Program, Inc. was established to actively support and encourage educational enrichment programs for children in the Findlay City Schools.


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